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UBA bank scams| Beware of the UBA Africard scammers !!!.

Every reputable company or institution always attract con artists or impostors; who constantly try to exploit the credibility/trust that people have in their product or service to dube ignorant people of their hard earned money.

Even though this blog is not owned by the United Bank for Africa (or not affiliated to the UBA bank), so many people have contacted me to make inquiries about emails and facebook messages that seem too good to be true, that was sent to them by various so called UBA bank agents/employees.

For instance, 3 months ago, a spanish girl contacted me to verify if her UBA Africard was available at our UBA office (because she thought this website was the UBA Africard official website as the domain name suggest).

She said, a guy who claim to be a UBA bank employee (and working precisely in the UBA Africard department and incharge of issueing UBA Africards) contacted her through facebook and told her that if she sent him $200 through Western Union, he (the so called UBA employee) will send her a UBA Africard with a $1000 cash preloaded on it.

The spanish girl agreed because it seem the con artist had already establish a good rapport with her.The con artist even sent the girl a picture of a UBA Africard with the girl,s name inscribed on it, to prove to the girl that her credit card was available and that all the girl needed to do to get the card, was to send the $200 through western union for him to send the card to her.

However the Spanish girl decided to contact the UBA Africard official website first to verify if her credit card was truely available in the UBA bank (she thought this was the UBA Africard website).

Even though i wasn,t in a good position to reply to the Email, i was tempted to do so because i was 90% sure that the message was sent to her by a con artist because…..

  1. Its unethical for UBA employees to look for customers online.
  2. Its impossible to apply for the UBA Africard online (off site) .
  3. Paying $200 to get a credit card with a $1000 cash preloaded on it seems too good to be true.
  4. Wiring cash to an individual rather than the UBA bank and through the notorious payment method; Western Union also made the transaction very suspicious.

So without any iota of doubt, i told the spanish girl that she was dealing with a fraudster. The girl couldn,t believe what i told her. So she sent me the picture of the UBA Africard (which the con-artist had promise to send to her) that the UBA bank fraudster had sent to her including the pic of the $1000 cash deposit receipt to prove that the UBA Africard has already been funded.

I was so amazed when i saw the pictures. The photos look so real (genuine). The name of the spanish girl was even inscribed on the card. I wish i could show you those pictures but i,m unable to do so because when i checked the email that the spanish girl sent to me, the attachments had already been deleted by Google (Gmail).

After looking at the photos she sent to me, i still told her that they were fake. She said like seriously and i said am not tipsy. She thanked me and told me that i have just rescued her from losing $200.

There are so many people who have been scammed using the method above. Do you know what would have happened if the spanish girl couldn,t have made an inquiry and from an angel like me?.

Please incase you receive a similar email or any email that seem too good to be true, from anybody who claim to be a UBA bank employee, please do not hesitate to contact the UBA bank through the UBA bank customer care number to make inquiries before taking any action. Do not deceived by the compelling proof that they will often provide. Like i told you before, the pictures that was sent to the spanish girl looked so GENUINE (legal). So its almost impossible for you to judge by looking at the proof that the con-artists often provide.  It should be noted that the fabrication of lies and forging is the daily routine of fraudsters and so they can do it so well. Only the truth can set you free (free from their malicious scheme).

If you wish to obtain the UBA Africard from UBA, read  about how to obtain the UBA Africard from the UBA bank and follow the right procedures.


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