UBA Africard

10 Interesting facts about the UBA Africard

UBA Africards (commonly known as Africards) are the most popular prepaid cards in Africa.

These are some of the reasons which has made the UBA Africard a highly sought after prepaid card in Africa.

  1. You don,t need to open a bank account with the UBA bank in order to be issued a UBA Africard Visa card unlike the UBA debit cards which requires a bank account for it to be issued. Africards are prepaid cards (e-wallets) issued by the UBA Bank for you to pay for products and services online. Its just like an online shopping wallet.
  2. It will cost you just $20 to get a UBA Africard from any UBA bank in Africa…which is very cheap as compared to the UBA debit cards which requires that you open a bank account with the UBA bank. This explains why people of all walks of life own a UBA Africard.
  3. UBA Africards are issued INSTANTLY! i.e. after you have applied for a UBA Africard and paid the $20 UBA Africard application fee, a brand new UBA Africard Visa card will be handed over to you instantly… which implies that within a space of 30 minutes, you can apply and get a UBA Africard from any UBA bank in Africa and start shopping online.
  4. UBA Africards are not only used for online purchases. You can also save and withdraw money from your UBA Africard from any ATM machine in the world at any time of the day. This explains why UBA Africard is the most secure way to carry cash around. You don,t need to carry huge sums of money in a wallet or suit case. Your wallet or suitcase can be stolen by thieves or you can misplace your wallet. Simply keep your money in your UBA Africard and withdraw your money (anytime you need physical cash) from any ATM machine in the world. If your UBA prepaid card gets lost or stolen, you are protected against fraudulent purchase transactions from the moment you report the loss to UBA (Call CFC on +234 1 280 8822).If you misplaced your UBA Africard, you just need to go to the bank you applied for the UBA Africard and a new prepaid card will be issued to you with the funds in your Africard still intact.
  5. You won,t be charged for withdrawing money from your UBA Africard from a UBA ATM machine.
  6. Since a UBA Africard isn’t link to a bank account, you won,t suffer a lot of damage if your UBA Africard is hacked. If your UBA Africard is hacked, you will only lose the funds in your UBA Africard but if a UBA debit card (which is linked to a bank account) is hacked, the hacker can steal all the funds in your UBA bank account.
  7. UBA Africards are one of the PayPal accepted cards i.e. you will be able to use your UBA Africard to verify your Paypal account or open a verified PayPal account in any part of Africa.

8.  UBA Africards are accepted worldwide…which implies that you can withdraw money from your UBA Africard from any ATM machine in the world and also buy from any eCommerce website or pay for any service online (be it webhosting, domain name registration) with your UBA Africard.

9. You can easily check UBA africard balance online and manage your prepaid card at the secure UBA Africard management portal available at https://www.gtpsecurecard.com/UBA/Login.aspx

10. You can pay for domain name registration service and hosting service with your UBA Africard.