UBA Africard Forgotten Password.

Due to the fact that we often use different passwords  to gain access to many devices and websites, we often find it difficult to remember all of those passwords especially the ones that we hadly use.

In case you forget the Password to your UBA Africard ( which is very possible), just follow the simple procedures below to get a new password and regain access to your UBA Africard account.

Step 1. If you can,t remember the Password to your UBA Africard account, just go to the UBA branch that issued you  the card and tell them that you forgot the password to your UBA Africard account.

Step 2. After you have laid your complain, the UBA agent incharge  will check your credentials ( the documents that you provided when applying for the card) to make sure that you are the right owner of the Card. Once the UBA agent has confirmed your identity, he or she will  immediately send you a password reset code to the email and phone number that you filled in to the UBA Africard application form when applying for your UBA Africard.

Step 3. Once you receive the password reset code, go to the UBA Africard website.

Step 4. At the UBA Africard website, enter your username and the password reset code that was earlier sent to you in to the password field as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 5 After you have done that, you will now be expected to create a new password. Please make sure that you  write down this Password Somewhere for precautionary motive (in case you forget your password again).

Ok after you have created a new password, you can now log in to your UBA Africard account using that new password.

Important points to note

Immediately you receive the Password Reset code to your UBA Africard account through SMS or email, you are expected to use that Password Reset code to create a new Password within an hour. If you don,t use the code to reset your password within an an hour, the password reset code that was sent to you will become invalid (unuseable). When that happens,you will be expected to go back to the UBA branch and request for a new password reset code. Summarily, the UBA Africard password reset code is timestamp.