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UBA Africard charges

There,s one disavantage of the UBA Africard visa card that every would-be UBA Africard holder should be aware of, before applying for the card… which is the UBA Africard charges. In my own opinion, the UBA Africard charges are too high (hefty).


The charges may not be too high to you. My judgement is highly influence by my income level. I,m just speaking using the voice of the common man (my target audience).

The low application fee of the UBA Africard may hypnotize many would-be UBA Africard holders into believing that the card is for the poor, only to realise after applying for the card that it was meant for the rich. The bait and switch business technique.

However, the hefty UBA Africard charges may not apply to those who wish to use their UBA Africard for banking purpose only i.e. just to store cash in to their UBA Africard and withdraw their cash later through the UBA ATM cash machine.

But if you will be shopping online or paying for products and services online using your UBA Africard, then you need to be aware of the UBA Africard charges before applying for the UBA Africard.

How the UBA bank charges you for the usage of their UBA Africard.

The UBA Africard cash deposit charge.

The UBA bank charges the UBA Africard holders for every cash deposited in to their card. The cash deposit charges ranges from 500frs to 1000frs.

So if you deposited 10,000frs in to your card and you see 9500frs or 9000frs in your UBA Africard account, don,t be surprise or feel that the UBA cashier didn,t deposit the exact amount you gave to him/her. Its because the UBA bank has deducted their cash deposit charge.

UBA Africard Online shopping/payment charges.

For every product or service you pay for online using your UBA Africard, you will be charged a fee ranging from 500frs to 1000frs maximum depending on the price/fee of the product or service you paid for.

So if  you wish to pay for a product or service online, don,t deposit an amount that is equivalent to the price or fee of the product or service you wish to pay for. Deposit an amount that is 1000frs above the price or fee of the product or service you wish to pay for. The extra 1000frs is for the UBA Africard charge.

For example if i wish to buy a smartphone which cost 20,000frs from the online store, i will deposit 21,000frs in to my UBA Africard. The extra 1000frs will take care of the UBA Africard online transaction fee.

Please take note that if you don,t have the transaction fee (which ranges from 500frs to 1000frs), you won,t be able to make any payment online.

The UBA bank makes money through their UBA Africard credit card service by charging a certern amount per every online payment made by one of their UBA Africard holder. In otherwords, each time you make a payment online, the UBA Africard charge, will automatically be deducted from your UBA Africard account.

The UBA Africard ATM withdrawal fee.

The UBA bank won,t charge you for any withdrawal made through their ATM cash machine but if you withdraw cash from your UBA Africard from a non UBA bank, a withdrawal fee will be deducted from your UBA Africard account.

So to aviod being charged, always make sure that you withdraw cash from your UBA Africard only through the UBA bank ATM cash machine and not through the ATM of Ecobank, First bank, Amity bank and other non-UBA banks. If you do that, you will be charged a withdrawal fee which ranges from 500frs to 1000frs depending the on the amount of cash.

The UBA Africard online money transfer fee.

It should be noted that its very possible to transfer funds from your UBA Africard account to other UBA Africard holders and the UBA bank also charges you per every cash transfered to other UBA Africard holders.

The UBA Africard transfer fee ranges from 500frs to 1000frs  maximum depending on the amount you wish to transfer.




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