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Secure your UBA Africard details by creating a PayPal account

The easiest way to pay for products and services online safely i.e. without losing (revealing) your credit card info to the hackers, is by creating a PayPal account.

The term “credit card details” refers to the the information inscribed on your credit card like your name on card, credit card number, CVV code and expiry date. Anybody who knows the above info, can conveniently shop online with your credit card funds without your consent. So its very vital that you secure your credit card details. It should be noted that your credit card details is a jewel to the hackers.

The PayPal company protects the credit card details of  online shoppers by making it possible for them to pay for any product or service by entering just their PayPal email and password instead of their credit card details. .

After creating a PayPal account, you won,t need to enter your credit card information in any online store in order to pay for any product or service which eliminates the risk of you revealing your credit card details to a phishing website owner or a hacker.

Nowadays there are lots of flashy online stores or e-businesses. Its very hard to know which one is  fake or genuine and so without a service like PayPal that protects the credit card details of credit cardholders, you may enter your credit card info in to a malicious online store and end up revealing your credit card details. I don,t need to tell you what will happen next.

PayPal protects credit card holders by acting as a middle man between online mechants and online shoppers. Payment (check out) takes place at the PayPal website and not on the merchant website.

How online payment through paypal works

After creating a PayPal account, to pay for any product or service online, you just need to choose the PayPal payment option.Almost all the online stores or ecommerce websites offer the paypal payment option.

After selecting the PayPal payment option from the list of payment options offered by an ecommerce website, when you click on the check out or buy now button to pay for the product or service, you will automatically be redirected to the PayPal website.

At the PayPal website, you just need to enter your PayPal email and password to authorize the payment.Once you have log in to the PayPal website to authorize the payment, the PayPal company will automatically deduct an amount from your credit card which is equivalent to the price of the product or service you wish to pay for, to pay the online merchant. PayPal will be acting as the manager or security guard of your credit card and will never reveal your credit card details.

Since the payment phase of the online transaction takes place at the PayPal website, no online merchant will view your credit card details.

So if  you want to buy a very beautiful smart phone or any product from an unknown online store, you don,t need to worry about whether the online store is fake or real. if the online store offers the PayPal payment option, just select the PayPal payment option and Pay for your desired product without entering your credit card details in the online merchant,s website.

Ok now that you know the umportance of creating a PayPal account,

click here—-> how to create a paypal account to learn how to create your PayPal account. Its free!!!.

Pls in case you have any question, use the comment box below to ask a question.


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