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How to shop online with your UBA Africard.

After obtaining your UBA Africard from the UBA bank and activating it, you can start shopping online immediately (if you have funds in your card). Its very easy to pay for any product or service online using your UBA Africard.

What you need (your credit card details)

To pay for any product or service online using the funds in your UBA Africard, you will need the following info (credit card details).

  • The name of the credit card holder (name on card).

It is the name found on your cash deposit receipt and also inscribed on your UBA Africard.

  • The credit card number

It is the 16 digit number found/inscribed on the front  of your UBA Africard.

ubacard.jpgcredit card number

  • The 3 digit CVV code of your card.

It is the 3 digit number found at the back of your card.

  • The expiry date of your card.

The expiry date of your card can be found at the front section of your card.

All the above info can be found on your UBA Africard.


How to pay for products and services online.

To pay for any product or service in any online store or ecommerce website using your UBA Africard funds, you just need follow the simple steps below.

Step.1: Visit your preferred online store. If you are in Cameroon, jumia.cm is a good online store to buy from.

Step.2 The product selection phase: Choose your desired product and add it to your cart. After you have added enough products to your online shopping cart, just click on the view cart button to proceed to the next phase of the online shopping process.

Step.3 The delivery phase: At this phase, you will be expected to enter your personal info like your name, email and house address. This is the information that the online store owner will use to ship or deliver the item/product to you. Ok after you have entered all the necessary info, just move to the next step (the payment phase).

Step.4 The payment phase: At the payment phase, you just need to choose your preferred payment method. Most online stores or e-businesses offer multiple payment options like PayPal, Bitcoin transfer, credit card and even MTN mobile money transfer. Choose the credit card payment type (option) as shown in the screenshot below.


Choose the credit card option as your method of payment and make sure you select the Visa brand. UBA Africard is a visa card.

After you have selected the visa brand, fill the payment form with your credit card details. Ok after you are done that, just click on the buy now/check out button and you are done. You have successfully bought the product(s). Now you just have to lie on your couch (sofa) and wait for one of the online store delivery agents to knock on your door and hand over your stuff.


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