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How To Check UBA Account Balance on Phone (via SMS)

Improvement in technology has made life so easy. You can now check your UBA account balance on phone (via SMS).

So you don,t need to go to the UBA bank anytime you want to know  how much is in your bank account like in the past.

Now you can easily do that using your Cell phone ( using that Android smartphone in your hand).

Which means that you can check your UBA account balance anytime and as many time as you want. Even on Sundays and in the middle of the night lol.

Another good news! you don,t need internet connection to be able to check your UBA account balance using your cell phone.

Just as you normally check your airtime account balance i.e. by dialing a USSD code, thats exactly how you are going to check your UBA Account balance. Infact enough of all this TALKING,  Let me show you.

To check UBA account balance via SMS simply dial this USSD code: 91900# on your phone. After dialing that USSD code, you will receive an SMS that contains your UBA Account balance info. That,s all.

Please make sure that you dial that USSD code using the phone with the simcard number that you filled in the UBA account application form i.e. when openning an account with UBA.

That number has been linked to your UBA Account and thats why you are able to check your UBA Account balance via SMS and without entering any passcode.


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