Whenever you type the web address of the UBA Africard official website (which is  –> in to your web browser, you will automatically be redirected to the GTP secure card website ( as shown in the screenshot below.


The website; is a very secure website that will enable you to securely login to check the account balance of your UBA Africard and also tranfer funds from your UBA Africard account to other UBA Africard holders, without your credit card info, username and password being intercepted (stolen) by a hacker.

The website protects the UBA Africard holders from identity theft and hacking by encrypting (hiding) their credit card info, username and password to prevent it from being stolen by a hacker.

It should be noted that your credit card info and UBA Africard login credentials is a gem to the hackers. Once  a hacker steals your credit card info or login credentials, the hacker can easily steal the funds in your card. So its very important that your credit card info and login credentials are safe and thats why UBA created the GTP secure card website.