Monday , November 20 2017
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UBA Bank App| Where to download it for free

      UBA is providing a completely enhanced mobile banking experience to its customers with this new UBA bank app. Banking services are easily accessible and on the go through new features such as:

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Barriers to E-commerce in Africa|Why many africans don,t shop online.

Even though E-commerce is booming in Europe, Asia and America with many successful online stores like,,, and others, making billions of dollars per year from product sales on line, the ecommerce business is still yet to be successful in Africa. Big online stores targetting e-customers in Africa ...

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Secure your UBA Africard details by creating a PayPal account

The easiest way to pay for products and services online safely i.e. without losing (revealing) your credit card info to the hackers, is by creating a PayPal account. The term “credit card details” refers to the the information inscribed on your credit card like your name on card, credit card number, ...

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UBA Africard charges

There,s one disavantage of the UBA Africard visa card that every would-be UBA Africard holder should be aware of, before applying for the card… which is the UBA Africard charges. In my own opinion, the UBA Africard charges are too high (hefty). The charges may not be too high to ...

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UBA bank scams| Beware of the UBA Africard scammers !!!.

Every reputable company or institution always attract con artists or impostors; who constantly try to exploit the credibility/trust that people have in their product or service to dube ignorant people of their hard earned money. Even though this blog is not owned by the United Bank for Africa (or not ...

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